Get on board with
Captain Mathews

In an adventure mixing video games and cartoons, enhancing the learning and practice of mathematics.

  • Math Mathews Fractions

    An adventure video game where Captain Mathews fractions extensively!

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  • Math Mathews Mental maths

    Captain Mathews and his crew run through the Temple of the Earth solving mental calculation puzzles to get out safely.

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  • Math Mathews Multiplications

    Captain Mathews and his rival Buck are opposed in 3 mini-games of multiplication. Who will get back to his human shape first?

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  • Math Mathews & the curse of Sylla

    Captain Mathews and his crew attempt to break Sylla’s curse and its mathematical challenges over 20 short episodes.

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Pirates & maths

« Math Mathews » is a universe dedicated to kids of 6 to 12, mixing adventure, humor and rivalry between pirates.

These ingredients are wisely combined to create unique learning situations which enable or enhance the learning of the basics in mathematics.

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News & gossips

  • 12 March 2019

    Math Mathews Fractions on Android !

    Mathews finally decided to dock on Android ! Meet him again here.

  • 9 February 2019

    A big update on Math Mathews Fractions

    We have updated the learning experience through a better difficulty progression and a new level design. A lot of bug fixes and gameplay enhancement too. Happy Fractionning, pirates!

  • 14 December 2018

    Math Mathews Fractions, is coming on iOS.
    This game is the result of our first collaboration with the Brain Behavior and Learning Lab, with a lot of design sessions and testing with kids.

    Long Live Captain Mathews!