Main story

Math Mathews revolves around the exploits of Captain Mathews, at the peek of his glory… when he gets transformed into an octopus while his biggest rival, Buck, is turned into a gorilla. The two pirates will rapidly understand they have to get past their rivalry to unite their efforts in order to recover their human shape.

Cohabitation remains a (humorous) challenge for every day, but with Celia and Carl joining the crew, our heroes are determined to accomplish their quest!

This story unfolds progressively through several video games and a cartoon series.

Our approach

Mathematics is one of the core competencies taught at school and used in everyday life. Un fortunately, too many kids leave primary school with serious lacks in mathematics. Psychological, sociological and even cultural (math geek) factors play a huge yet complex part in this phenomena.

With Math Mathews we intend to engage kids to practice mathematics in an innovative way creating concrete learning situations.

Discussions and cooperation around mathmatics, enhanced and stimulated by our video games and our cartoons are valuable assets to reach our objectives. We engage kids to play a game or watch a cartoon with their friends, families our classmates and teachers.

In a nutshell, with Math Mathews we intend to change the relationship between kids and mathematics through concrete learning situations in a familiar environment of video games and cartoons.

Math Mathews in the classroom

Our Math Mathews applications are currently used at school by numerous teachers. We are currently working on pedagogical sequences using our games and will publish them shortly on this site.

We are eager to learn of your experience with one of our games or cartoons, please feel free to share it with us at [email protected] and join thus our reference crew.

The team

Math Mathews was created and developed by Kiupe. Our creative, artistic and technical crew counts Vanessa, Charlie, Seb et Utku, who work passionately on this universe since 2012.

We also collaborate actively with Jérôme Prado, researcher in cognitive neurosciences, and Marie-Line Gardes, researcher in didactics for mathematics, from Cognitive Sciences Institute Marc Jeannerod (Lyon, FRA). Their contribution is naturally decisive in the manner Math Mathews enhances the learning experience for kids.

Research program

The Cognitive Sciences Institute launched a research programme based on our latest Math Mathews Fractions which integrates the contribution of scientists in didactics and neurosciences.

This project, named DysCoG, intends to evaluate the effects of this game on the learning capacities and brain functioning for kids with dyscalculia.
Results are expected to bring further knowledge on scientific research in education and emerging neuroeducation. Furthermore, it should lead to the development of new training for primary school teachers on the theme « teaching with numeric support » and potential remediation of difficulties with mathematics for kids with dyscalculia.